Here's a list of resources to help teach copyright and fair use. Huge THANKS to Gail Desler for providing most of these resources: Use the resources here to teach students what fair use actually is and how students must employ critical thinking and reasoning skills to determine fair use. This is a great article explaining the use of music in lipdub videos as well as other classroom projects where the music will be use outside the classroom walls. This is an amazing wiki developed by Kristen Hokanson that explains what copyright and fair use is. She provides videos that illustrate and demonstrate the purposes of fair use. An excellent curation of fair use and copyright information including sites where students can get free images and music. This is an excellent toolkit for teachers to pull from to teach copyright and fair use. It's developed This is a very comprehensive overview of copyright and fair use and how it applies to classroom teaching especially when using primary source documents. Presented in a question-and-answer format. This teaches copyright in the form of animated activities that students can access. And here's one from our favorite from Joyce Valenza.