Post anything Google related here:

1. Here's a great article about how Google ranks it pages. Great for teaching about web searching. Click HERE to see the article.

2. Click HERE to view a tutorial about using Google's advanced and basic features.

3. Here's a webinar, Beyond the First Five Links It has lots of tips for using the left-hand menu for Google searches.

4. Here's another webinar on using Google Maps.

5. Here's a webinar on assessing/evaluating web authority: Tools for Assessing Authority on the Web.

6. Here is the Google Webinar Archive link. Check it out to see what is new!

7. How to use Google Scholar. Check it out!

8. A Google A Day. Google presents this fun way to search!

9. Learn more about the Google Knowledge Graph. And more information here.

10. Click here to learn more about Google's Lesson Plans, Google a Day, and live webinars.

11. Click here to get the Google Inside Search!

12. Check out the official Google Blog here.

13. More about Google in Education here.

14. Even more Google tutorials here. Some are Google docs and some are videos.

15. Searching for Google images with sorting. Google tutorial.