Annual Reports

Making an annual report

An annual report is a great way to show how your library is used, to highlight your library work, to evaluate your library program and to set goals for the coming year. If you create an annual report, be sure to share your examples on this page.

Here are some links to examples of annual reports. As you think about creating an annual report, keep your audience in mind. This will help you determine the type of report you want to generate and what type of statistics you want to collect. If you plan to include database statistics in your report, contact your database tech support. Most will either give you an administrator log-in and password to generate use statistics for your library or they will send you a monthly use report. In the Livebinder link below you will see a variety of reports. Garfield High has a very detailed report which includes budget and expenditures, while Dorman High is a very visual report and includes information particular to student's interests.You may even decide to do two types of reports. A detailed one to keep as part of your library record and portfolio, and a flashier one with graphics or in a video type format for presentations. Web 2.0 Tools to make annual reports are below the Destiny screen captures.

Here's a link to a wiki that has lots of annual reports in both formats. School Library Websites on wikispaces.

EGUSD Library Annual Reports

Sheldon's 2012-2013 Annual Report. Click HERE. (kl)

Here's a link to Sally White's Library Advocacy Livebinder . Select the Annual Report tab to find annual report examples that she has curated. Use the code 4321 to access the binder. (sw)

Screen captures to show you where to get information from Destiny. Please share other useful reports that you find. These will change once we get our Destiny updated version later this year. (sw)



Web 2.0 Tools for Annual Report presentation

Smore (a flyer presentation tool)
Animoto(video presentation. You may need to purchase the extend version for a longer annual report.)