Book Trailer Curation

Put a new spin on book talks by showing professionally made book trailers or ones made by students.
Follow Karin Ledford's handout below to find official book trailers on You Tube.

Or use sites such as Scoop It or Pinterest to find book trailers. For instance, on Scoop It you can start a topic about book trailers or you can search others sites and rescoop what they have found to your topic board.

Once you've found book trailers that you wish to use you can use Slide Rocket or other presentation tools to host a slide show of your chosen trailers on your library webpage. (See Karin's handout above on how to do this.)

Suggestion: Flip your library by sending links to the teacher whose class will be visiting the library to play for the class prior to their visit. Students can then find their books or authors when they visit.